Cyber Bullying & Internet Safety

We believe that all children, young people and adults have the right to learn and work in an environment where they feel safe and that is free from harassment and bullying.





We believe that bullying for any reason is unacceptable and are working hard to tackle all types of bullying, including bullying on account of people’s race, creed, colour, sexual orientation or disability.

We are also finding ways to address new and emerging forms of bullying, such as cyber-bullying.


How to tackle cyber-bullying


New technologies are amazing.  Mobile phones, smart phones, the internet and social networking slites like facebook allow us to keep in touch with our friends and family more easily and to have access to a wide range of information on the world-wide web.  They can help children with their learning, prepare them for life in a technological world and improve their communication skills.

But as well as the positives, we all know that there are some negatives and that cyber-bullying is on the increase.  Because many children and parents are worried about cyber-bullying Al Birr School has worked closely with Nechells Parents Forum in conjunction with Birmingham City Council’s Bullying Reduction Action Group (BRAG) to produce an advice leaflet for parents called How to Tackle Cyber-bullying.

This leaflet helps parents understand what cyber-bullying is, how to spot the signs if their child is a victim of or an instigator of cyber-bullying and what steps to take to stop it.  It also gives useful, practical advice with local and national contacts for further support and guidance.

Sue Ball, who works with Al Birr school, said “The Olympic values of respect, excellence and friendship are important to us all.  Thank you to the POD and all the members of Nechells Parents Forum, who helped to create this leaflet.  It gives great advice to parents and carers across Birmingham about how they can best help their children to lead happy and bully-free lives, build respectful friendships and stay safe from cyber-bullying.”

download leaflet here

For more information about Anti-bullying work in Birmingham

West Midlands Police

CEOP Child Exploitation and online Protection

Our staff have received the CEOP training, fo rmore information;

Childnet International

Beat Bullying


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