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Our School accepts children with an EHC Plan.


From September 2014, all new assessments for children and young people from birth to 25 years with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities will follow the Education, Health and Care Pathway (EHC Pathway).
Statements of Special Educational Needs and Learning Difficulty Assessments will be replaced by Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans).

An EHC Pathway has been developed with families, a range of people from education, health, social care services and the voluntary and community sector. The timescale for assessment and completion of an EHC Plan is a maximum of 20 weeks.

The Pathway has seven steps as shown below. An EHC Plan will be co-produced with the child or young person, their family and the professionals that provide support. It will focus on the outcomes that are important to the child or young person. A key working approach will be used, enabling services to better coordinate their support and provide families with a single point of contact.

The vision is for all children and young people to be successful in their education and in their preparation for adulthood. The aim is to make a meaningful difference to their lives.


Further information

Do you or your child already have a Statement of SEN or Learning Support Plan? Additional information can be found in the
following leaflets;

•  Transfer of Statement of Educational Needs to an
Education Health & Care Plan Pathway

•  Transfer of Learning Support Plans to an Education
Health & Care Plan.

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